Transform Your Union Wharf Home Into a Haunted House

October 26, 2012 | Union Wharf
Transform Your Union Wharf Home Into a Haunted House

Want your home to be the spookiest this Halloween? Transform it into a creepy haunted house for all of the Union Wharf neighborhood kids to enjoy!

First, decide where you would like to construct this haunted area – atmosphere is the next important element. To create a scary environment, incorporate fog machines, strobe lights, black lights, and a CD with haunted house noises. If the area is indoors, use black tarp to cover windows and floors for extra darkness.

When it comes to decorations, little details go a long way. Think about hanging bats and chains and skeletons. Place containers full of gooey or strange textured items – such as spaghetti or meatballs – for kids to reach in and feel around. Decorate with spider webs and fake body parts as well. Fill in the yard with gravestones for a cemetery look.

Another aspect you may consider is to have someone hide in the dark to pop out on those walking through. Keep in mind your audience though, in case certain parts are too scary for small children.

Combine all of these elements together and spread the word – your haunted house will be the talk of the neighborhood!