A Guide to Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner!

November 16, 2012 | Union Wharf
A Guide to Hosting the Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner!

Holidays can be stressful – especially if you’re the one hosting the party. To help organize the otherwise intimidating “To Do List,” here are some tips for putting on the perfect Thanksgiving party at your Union Wharf home.

1. Guest List
The first order of business is creating a guest list. Not only will this inform others of your get-together, it will give you a clear idea of how many people will be attending. This way, you will know how much food to prepare, what size turkey to buy and the appropriate seating arrangements.

2. The Menu
Luckily, the menu planning isn’t too extensive, since the same favorites are served up every year. Take into consideration if you’d like to put a personal spin on those classics or if any guests attending have special dietary needs. This way, you can create spectacular dishes and cater to everyone joining the festivities. If the food preparation seems too intimidating, don’t be afraid to ask guests to help by bringing dishes!

3. Clean and Decorate
Once the food and guests have been sorted out, it’s time to make your home festive and presentable. Decorate with warm, fall colors, candles and rustic centerpieces. Use dishware and table settings as well to create a welcoming, fall atmosphere. Clean the entire house — bathrooms, kitchen, living room — so that guests feel comfortable upon arrival.

4. Time Management
When the day arrives, have your time organized appropriately. Pay attention to various cooking times and most importantly: thaw the turkey! Plan out a rough idea of which dishes need to be cooked first and stagger accordingly. A great goal is to have everything prepared at least 30 minutes prior to your set dinner time.

5. Enjoy
After all the planning, cleaning, decorating and cooking is done — enjoy! As stressful as hosting a party can be, all will be forgotten when you’re surrounded by friends and family. A lively house with laughter, great food and loving company is certainly reason to give thanks!