Deck Out Your House This Holiday!

December 5, 2012 | Union Wharf
Deck Out Your House This Holiday!

Be the talk of the Union Wharf neighborhood with a decked out home exterior this season. Brightening your house is sure to spread holiday cheer!


The first step to making your home stand out is by lighting it. As this is the foundation of your festive decorations, it’s time to decide if you want your lights to be white or colorful. It’s also time to decide how many lights you’d like to use. Simply outline of the house? Put lights on the roof? Icicle or bulb lights? Wrapping the trees? This will be the beginning of your decorating adventure.


Next on the list is deciding your holiday theme. Some ideas to consider include the North Pole, religious, Disney or winter, frosty themed décor. Of course, if planned decorating isn’t your style, embellish your home on a creative whim instead.


One way to add character to your home is by decorating with inflatable holiday related figures. With so many options to choose from, you’re bound to find a perfect fit. From snowmen to reindeer to Santa and candy canes – the choices are endless. Inflatable decorations add a fun, 3-D, cartoon-like feeling to your outdoor space.

Lighted Figures

If inflatable figures aren’t your thing, how about a more simplistic approach with lighted Christmas yard art. The most popular of this style is an illuminated reindeer, tree, angel or sleigh. Create a modern, frosty appearance with this approach.


For extra charm, light your porch and walkway with candles. Use clear glass containers, such as a Mason jar or glass vase, and white candles for a wintery appeal. Another fun addition is to place giant ornaments and present boxes so as to bring the tree decorations outdoors. If you still feel like something is missing, big red bows always brighten everything up!

Have a blast decorating and Happy Holidays!

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