Read for Free at The Book Thing in Baltimore!

December 19, 2012 | Baltimore News
Read for Free at The Book Thing in Baltimore!

Sometimes, you find a place that’s too good to be true. You search and search for the catch but it’s exactly as wonderful as it says it is.

Welcome to The Book Thing, which can only be described as too good to be true.

The Baltimore-based bookshop collects books as donations, then gives them away – for free! There’s no charge to take a book and you don’t have to give one to take one. There’s really no catch.

So whether you’re looking to donate some literature to hungry readers around the city or are looking for a new book to dive into, don’t go any farther than The Book Thing. And with consistent encouragement from staffers at The Book Thing to take whatever interests you, you’ll find yourself wondering why you ever go to the bookstore!

And one of the most beautiful things about The Book Thing is the serendipity of the browsing experience. You might have never come across the book you end up picking up if you were just looking online or in a bookstore. The Book Thing doesn’t just connect you to a world of reading for free, it opens your eyes to literature you might have never discovered otherwise!

Whether you want to donate a few books or want to pick some up – you are limited to 150,000 per day! – there’s nowhere better to do so than The Book Thing.

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Image Credit: The Book Thing