Get A Taste of The Chesapeake at Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore

January 3, 2013 | Baltimore News
Get A Taste of The Chesapeake at Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore

At Woodberry Kitchen, “farm-to-table” isn’t just a marketing strategy.

It’s a philosophy that drives the restaurant’s entire cuisine, and the result is a locally-sourced culinary extravaganza.

The menu at Woodberry Kitchen is a varied, diverse list with options that are simply divine. And almost all the ingredients and items – down to the alcohol – comes from Chespeake growers and farms!

With prompt, attentive and genuinely caring service, Woodberry Kitchen proves its mettle as a destination where you won’t feel hurried or like just another customer.

Woodberry Kitchen also boasts an impressive range of pickles, jams and hot sauces that pack its already delicious cuisine with even more flavor — if you can handle it! We love the “snake oil” hot sauce that pairs beautifully with their Chesapeake oysters.

We really can’t recommend Woodberry Kitchen highly enough. From kind service to delicious food, it’s a restaurant you and your loved ones will quickly make a regular stop.

And the fact that you’re benefiting our gorgeous Chesapeake neighbors is a wonderful added benefit! We’ll see you at Woodberry Kitchen!

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Images: Woodberry Kitchen