Bursts of Creative Brilliance are on Display at The American Visionary Art Museum

January 17, 2013 | Baltimore News
Bursts of Creative Brilliance are on Display at The American Visionary Art Museum

Visionary art is defined as “art produced by self-taught individuals, usually without formal training, whose works arise from an innate personal vision that revels foremost in the creative act itself.”

In other words, an artist come upon a moment of brilliance, and at that time, create a work of sheer beauty. Sometimes that beauty is only perceived by its creator and sometimes it is widely recognized. But art like this is unique, fascinating and on display at Baltimore’s American Visionary Art Museum.

Located near Baltimore’s gorgeous Inner Harbor, AVAM seeks to find art that satisfies a theme or motif. And the art you’ll find there is some of the most captivating and intriguing work, each with a story worth learning.

And everyone whose work is on display is not necessarily a trained, established artist, either. AVAM works to feature people who realize their epiphany and express it in an art form. No training required. And by supporting local artists who might not have the background many more prominently featured artists do, AVAM is able to help spread the joy of expression to many more people.

And with more than 4,000 ¬†pieces featured in AVAM’s collection, there’s no doubt that you can be sucked into the museum for a day of exploration.

AVAM’s Inner Harbor location also allows you to make a day of visiting one of Baltimore’s most beautiful areas. With ships docked and paddle boats in the harbor to shops and restaurants lining the boardwalk, a trip to AVAM can easily become a great day for the whole family.

AVAM’s art is unique and demonstrates art that disrupts many of our conventions and expectations. But that’s what makes it beautiful. Hurry over, enjoy a day of eye-opening art and see why The American Visionary Art Museum is one of the best places to visit in Baltimore.

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Image Credit: American Visionary Art Museum