Get In Touch With Baltimore’s History at the Annabel Lee Tavern

February 1, 2013 | Baltimore News
Get In Touch With Baltimore’s History at the Annabel Lee Tavern

One of the greatest American artists and writers of all time is a Baltimore native.

You know who we’re talking about: Edgar Allen Poe.

The author of “The Raven” lived in Baltimore his whole life and made this vibrant city the subject and focus of so many of his pieces. And you can appreciate Baltimore’s storied history with Edgar Allen Poe at the gorgeous Annabel Lee Tavern!

Annabel Lee TavernAnnabel Lee Tavern celebrates and pays homage to Edgar Allen Poe in an eerily beautiful environment, and it’s very thorough. From lyrics lining the walls and portraits of the author himself above antique craftwork, Annabel Lee is truly a place to get to know one of history’s darkest authors.

On top of all that, it even stocks an Edgar Allen Poe-inspired beer: The Raven! You can’t find a place more dedicated to keeping with a theme (and making its patrons knowledgeable of the man being honored!).

Despite being a tavern – they so often are accompanied by associations of greasy bar food – Annabel Lee doesn’t just have great beer and drinks; its food is delicious, so make it a meal here, too! From the stuffed mega-burger to the mussels, the food is delicious. And if you are looking for traditional pub fare, you must try the sweet potato fries; they’re the best we’ve ever tried!

No matter how you want to celebrate living in Baltimore, learning from Poe or lapping up everything the tavern has to offer, there’s nowhere better to go than Annabel Lee.

Poe’s poem, and the namesake for the tavern, frequently refers to his “beautiful Annabel Lee.” See why it’s so coveted at Annabel Lee Tavern!

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Image Credit: Lisa Lance