The Fork & Wrench: Distinctive Baltimore Dining near Union Wharf

September 15, 2014 | Union Wharf
The Fork & Wrench: Distinctive Baltimore Dining near Union Wharf

Under the creative direction of head chef Cyrus Keefer, The Fork & Wrench has quickly become one of Baltimore’s most buzzed about restaurants both locally and nationally. The upscale eatery not too far from Union Wharf doesn’t fit into any one category or description, and even its dining room offers a wide variety of options to make your meal an experience all your own.

Whether you choose to have drinks in the study, dinner in the mezzanine or the linen room, or to mingle with friends in the stylish bar, The Fork & Wrench offers a variety of eating areas as diverse as its menu. That menu is another unique feature altogether, offering seasonal dishes that change after almost every visit. Unique combinations like steak tartare with pistachio and black garlic offer a Southern food taste infused with a bit of Latin cuisine flavor, and fresh Maryland seafood ties everything together.

If you'd like to visit, you can make reservations on The Fork & Wrench's website.

The Fork & Wrench
2322 Boston Street
Baltimore, MD 21224
(443) 759-9360