Tips and Tricks for Creating a Happy Home

April 28, 2019 | Apartment Living
Tips and Tricks for Creating a Happy Home

Your living space is not only the place where you keep your things, it’s what you come home to everyday, what your friends and family see when they come to visit, and what you can use to express yourself. When living in an apartment, space may be limited, but you can still have your dream space. Here are some tips and tricks for making your apartment as relaxing and inviting as it can be.

Create a Vision

A quick trip to Pinterest will prove that there are hundreds of pictures that can be used as inspiration for your ideal apartment space. Maybe you like how they hung their photos in one picture, or the color of the throw blanket they used to garnish their couch in another—save them all! From bohemian to chic, they have sneak peaks into any space you desire. A page full of your very own interior design ideas will be the perfect place to start when decorating. You might even see some smart life hacks on the way!

Be Comfy, but Stylish

After a long day of work or class, it is important to be able to put your feet up and relax. Where else to put your feet than an ottoman designed exactly for that? When searching for furniture or accessories, keep in mind the days when you want to flop on the couch. Then, after you flop, you’ll have a blanket to curl up in and a matching pillow to lay on. How about a shaggy carpet to put your toes on in the morning? A duvet that matches the wallpaper, but also makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud? A cozy home is a happy home. A great place to start with finding the perfect lounge piece is at Su Casa, Fells Point’s own destination for everything comfy and chic.

Fill that Awkward Space on the Wall

So, there’s this big blank space on the wall that you have been meaning to fill since you moved in. You’ve thought of putting a painting or a family photo there, but it seems too predictable. How will you fill the space that just keeps haunting you?

1) Use a large mirror. This is the perfect solution for a space that already has art on the wall. You can find a mirror with a unique frame that matches the curtains, or is a fun geometrical shape. The reflection will make the room look bigger and will give you another chance to fix that loose piece of hair on your way out.

2) Hang a little collection of photographs. Whether they’re pictures of flowers, pets or family, you can create a little mosaic of images that guests will stop to look at. You can get funky with size and shape of the frames.

3)Try a chalk or tack board. You don’t have to put much work into this one, it will create itself. Allow other people to decorate it, use it for reminders about groceries or events, and write a new motivational quote on it each week—the possibilities are endless!

4) Put up a couple of little shelves. You’ll finally have somewhere to display those little trinkets you’ve had in a shoebox for a while, keep your books organized with a fancy bookend, and let your philodendron cascade to the floor.

Get Rid of the Annoying Clutter

There have been many scientific links between having a tidy living area and better mental health. Keep your area spic and span by always giving everything a place. When it is time to tidy up, it will be easy to put everything back where it belongs. If your clothes are the culprit, store your clothes on foldable hangers that fit multiple items, keep your out-of-season clothes tucked away, and don’t put off doing laundry. There are even bins and storage systems that will keep everything in order, while fitting the color scheme of your room perfectly. Find some of these stylish storage units at IKEA.

Decorate with the Environment in Mind

As Earth Day just passed, you might be wondering how you can do your part in keeping our great planet clean. You can actually do this right in your Union Wharf apartment!

1) Get rid of your incandescent lightbulbs and replace them with Compact Fluorescent Lamps or CFLs. They use 25 to 80 percent less energy and can last much longer. This saves you money and helps the earth at the same time.

2) Try buying furniture form second-hand or vintage stores, like Second Chance. It is a form of recycling and you never know what wonderful things you can find.

3) Try some in-apartment DIY projects. Not only are these project fun, but also can repurpose lots of materials around the home and create less waste. You can find lots of DIY ideas on Pinterest and tutorials on YouTube.

Grab a Houseplant, or Two!

Speaking of being earth-friendly, a quick way to pull the whole room together is to grab a houseplant buddy from the store. Even if it’s just some simple foliage, it will leave your space looking happier and healthier. If you don’t really have a green thumb, there are many resilient plants that thrive indoors. Talk to your local florist and they will show you plants with large leaves, vines, flowers, or needles that will fit your décor perfectly. You can even pick them up at nearby B Willow in Canton.