Shop Farm Fresh in Fells!

May 16, 2019 | Food
Shop Farm Fresh in Fells!

broadway market
With the season of fresh fruit and veggies finally here, you may be thinking about what’s in your fridge. Once you’ve cleared out space and filled your Pinterest page with recipes for fresh vegetables, it’s time to purchase some healthy and colorful food!

Why Shop at a Local Market?

During the warm summer season, skipping your trip to big chain grocers can help the community and you!
– Buying locally can encourage the production of Agriculture in your area
– Organic fruit and vegetables are often cheaper than in supermarkets
– Foods are safer, fresher, and taste better (it’s coming straight from the vine or the ground!)
– The variety of produce is often larger, and you can learn about exactly where everything comes from

So where can you find a local market? Luckily, there are a couple right here in Fells point!

Yes, We Have a Farmers Market!

If you don’t feel like venturing downtown to go to the big Farmers Market under 83, you don’t have to! Fells Point Farmers Market, right on the water, brings their fresh food and crafts to you!

Recently open for the Season, on Saturday Mornings from 7:30 to 12:30, grab some fresh vegetables along with a bouquet of freshly harvested flowers and a painting by a local artist. Some unique vendors include Bmore Saucy, Cuples Tea House, DMV Empanadas, Moses Family Jerky, Dan candle, Woot Granola, Bee Hoss and so much more.

Whether you are looking for farm-to-table food, or something to hang in the empty wall space you have in your living room, shopping at the Fells Point Farmers Market is the best way to show your Baltimore pride.

The New Broadway Market
sal and sonsDon’t feel like cooking? Right down the street from Union Warf is a beautiful historical building that is home to the recently renovated Broadway Market. The oldest public market in the city, Broadway Market has been bringing fresh food to the community for 233 years. It was built to accommodate the growing population of Baltimore, while serving the immigrants and fishermen coming in from the harbor. Today, you can stop in for vegetables, baked goods, meat, seafood, or a warm, home-cooked meal provided by local Baltimoreans.

After a period of renovation, Broadway Market is back and looking better than ever. The new interior captures the essence of progressivity, while preserving the historical aspects of each room. The vendors, a mix of old and new, are Vikki’s Fells Point Deli, Sophia’s Place, Sal’s Seafood, Fat Tiger Bar, and more. To top it all off, bring your favorite furry friend to hang out on the pet-friendly patio.

Show Some Local Love
There is no doubt that shopping at local markets brings you closer to the Fells Point community. Engage with locals while you shop, meet other residents from your area, and celebrate the food and festivity that makes us call Fells Point home. After you start shopping local, you’ll never go back!