Turkey Day in your Union Wharf Apartment!

November 13, 2019 | Apartment Living
Turkey Day in your Union Wharf Apartment!

monarch-minNovember is here and the time to eat, watch football, and enjoy family and friends is coming up. If you are planning on having the family over to show off your Union Wharf home, or inviting your best group of friends, here’s how to host the best Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving possible!

Bust Out Your Best Decorations

Whether it is your best Pumpkin Pie-scented candle burning, or your turkey wall hanging, decorating your apartment is part of the fun. You can pick up fall themed napkins, place mats or tablecloths at your local grocery store—the more turkeys the better! If you really want to go all out, pick up some fall leaves from the craft store and decorate your tables and chairs. Who doesn’t love the warm oranges and yellows of fall? Check out Pinterest for some festive fall decor inspiration.

Decide Who’s Bringing What

If you are inviting everyone you know over, it may be hard to cook. Solve this problem by having your thanksgiving potluck style. If Aunt Gina is good at making desserts and Uncle Charlie can make a mean casserole, you have already solved two problems right there. All you have to do is get the turkey in the oven. You also get to taste a little bit of everyone’s cooking skills, maybe they’ll surprise you. Make a shareable spreadsheet to help you keep track of who’s bringing what.

Have Your Best Party Games Nearby

After your bellies are full, bring your family and friends together around the turkey for a game night you won’t forget. Even having a deck of cards nearby will have everyone bonding over their competitive streaks in no time. If you don’t have a board game or a deck of cards, plan an activity that everyone can participate in, like fishbowl. This is the game where everyone writes down a question and anonymously places it into a bowl. Then, the bowl is passed around the circle and everyone picks out a question to answer. Everyone will get to know each other better than ever!

Make Sure You Have the Game Going

For a lot of people, Thanksgiving is all about football! Sometimes, all you need to bring the family together is some turkey and a couple touchdowns. Make sure you have the game going in the background of the festivities so no play will be missed! You could even have two games playing at once if you have two screens!

Ask for a Little Help

Friendsgiving and Thanksgiving take a lot of time to plan and cook for. Ask a few friends to show up early to help with the decorating and the preparing, it will make things smoother and you’ll have the company of your best buds while you work. They’ll probably have their own ideas to help your night really come together. Next year, everyone will be eager to come back!

Whatever you do this Thanksgiving, we hope its fun and delicious!