Fall in Love with Fell’s Point

February 14, 2020 | Fells Point | Food | Holidays
Fall in Love with Fell’s Point

fell's point baltimoreHappy Valentines Day from Union Wharf! We hope that you have a wonderful day filled with sweets, romance, and affection and are able to visit some of our favorite places in Fell’s Point for Valentine’s Day.

While the love is in the air, we wanted to take the time to acknowledge everything that we love about Fell’s Point! (Since, as a Union Wharf resident, you know it really is the best neighborhood in Baltimore!)

The Olden Days
Fell’s Point was founded in 1726 by William Fell, a Quaker and English shipbuilder. He then built the first deepwater port in Baltimore.

40 years later, William Fell and his son, Edward, divided the land to build warehouses, houses, and stores—it was then renamed Fell’s Point. Some of these 18th century buildings are still around today!

Being the first major port, Fell’s Point brought a lot of maritime commerce. It then became the hub for shipbuilding; important for the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic Wars.

With the boom of the shipbuilding industry, Fell’s Point began to hire many workers, including African-Americans. In fact, the freedmen began the Association of Black Caulkers. The trade union inspired the famous abolitionist Frederick Douglas.

As they moved past shipbuilding, Fell’s Point became famous for bars, brothels, and boarding houses. With the building of the town, immigrants flooded to the city.

In 1969, Fell’s Point was listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Centuries later, Fell’s Point is still popular and brings charm to Baltimore.

Read more about the interesting history of Fell’s Point here.

Travel Back in Time via Cobblestone Roads
Union Wharf’s charming neighborhood of Fell’s Point is paved with historic cobblestone roads. (Quite uncommon in the U.S.!) In order to preserve history, Fell’s Point roads and taverns have hardly changed throughout the years. However, the roads aren’t real cobblestone, but Belgian Block!

What else hasn’t changed much? The stunning waterfront views!

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Ahoy, Mateys!
Fell’s Point has its fair share of historic tales and legends. Some that even include pirates!

Baltimore became known as a “privateering” city circa 1812. A “privateer” is a captain, or sailor, of a privately commissioned ship from the government. Privateers, or pirates, were commissioned throughout the War of 1812 to capture and seize enemy ships — especially during the battle of Fort McHenry. Many British vessels sunk in order to protect damage to the harbor.

In fact, the pronunciation and fabrication of Thames Street, was to mock imperial Britain.

Interested in 19th-century Baltimore? Check out this article from The Baltimore Sun.

Shiver Me Timbers!
There may even be ghosts roaming the streets of Fell’s Point. Supposedly, Billie Holiday and Edgar Allen Poe may be among them!

If you’re interested in learning more, schedule a spooky ghost tour with Baltimore Wicked History Tours here.

Past & Present Meet in Fell’s Point’s Pubs
Come witness history and drink!

Because these popular and long-standing taverns bars are a must-see—it’s as if you are transporting back-in-time.

The Horse You Came in On
The Horse You Came in On is the oldest bar in Baltimore and was established circa 1775! In fact, Edgar Allen Poe visited this tavern right before he died.

They’re famous for their live music, burgers, wine, and fun atmosphere!

The Waterfront Hotel
The Waterfront Hotel was a private residence in 1771, before it became a public pub in 1861! They first hosted Civil War troops.

They’re famous for their shakes, floats, specialty wraps, and view of the harbor!

See other Baltimore staples here.

Modern Fell’s Point

These local hotspots have transformed Fell’s Point into the thriving neighborhood that it is today!

Broadway Market
The Broadway Market recently reopened and renovated their 200 year-old building!

In the Market, you’ll find:
Connie’s Chicken & Waffles
Fat Tiger
Old Boy
Sal & Son’s Seafood
Sophie’s Place European Deli
Taharka Brothers Ice Cream
Thai Street
The Verandah
Vikki’s Fell’s Point Deli

The Choptank
The Choptank recently opened by the Broadway Market!

The Choptank is a classic fish and crab house known for its steamed, blue hard-shelled crabs. Stop by, eat some delicious food, and listen to live music! View their menu here.

Sagamore Pendry
Past meets present in the Sagamore Pendry, as it is storied on the 1914 property, “Rec Pier.”

Sagamore Pendry offers opulence in their dining options — including the Rec Pier Chop House — their beautiful pool and fitness center. Definitely visit the Pendry and stay in one of their luxurious suites for a well-deserved staycation.

Thames Street Oyster House
Thames Street Oyster House is sort-of new to Baltimore—it’s been operating for about eight years and offers Mid-Atlantic seafood with an amazing raw bar! Try the Lobster Roll for a real treat! Their dining areas include the main bar room, waterview dining, and a back courtyard.

View their menu here.

Fall in Love with Fell’s Point Shops!
Check out this Fells Point shopping guide! Here are five of Fells Point’s greatest boutiques:

Fell’s Point Surf Co.
This company is bringing the beach to Baltimore! Check out their beach-gear and apparel, carrying brands like Quicksilver and Reef.

Polina’s Privé
Looking for something sexy and fab? Polina’s Prive is your go-to shop for undergarments and lingerie!

Poppy & Stella
Poppy & Stella carries the cutest shoes; boots, flats, heels…you name it!

Su Casa
Looking for unique art, furniture, and home pieces? Su Casa is the place for you!

Zelda Zen
A truly one-of-a-kind shopping with artisanal jewelry, accessories, and apparel!

As you can see, there’s so much to love about Fell’s Point on Valentine’s Day, and everyday! Read about how Fell’s Point became the coolest place in Baltimore here.