Make Your Union Wharf Apartment Home Your Gym With Virtual Workouts!

April 4, 2020 | Apartment Living | Health & Fitness
Make Your Union Wharf Apartment Home Your Gym With Virtual Workouts!

virtual workouts

Governor Hogan has taken the best step forward during the COVID-19 pandemic, implementing stricter social distancing orders. Unfortunately, many small businesses, such as gyms, have been forced to shut down.

While the closure of our wellness sanctuaries may seem like a roadblock for the fitness community, many of Baltimore’s trainers have stepped up to the challenge to create virtual workouts for their clients and the pubic.

Accessible from your home, joining these virtual workouts will not only help you stay fit amidst social distancing, but also supports these local businesses that are trying hard to help you stay healthy!

Here, we have found local studios and gyms offering classes to turn your home here at Union Wharf into your own personal fitness studio!

Merritt Clubs

Merritt is offering free IG live classes with their trainers and have been posting daily schedules—no membership needed!

If you cant make a scheduled time, simply check out the videos section on their Facebook page here.

If you are a member, you’ll have access to Les Mills On Demand! Be sure to check your emails from Merritt for more details. 

Knockout Fitness

Knockout is offering a VERY special discount for their loyal customers during this crisis.

$100 for a 10-pack of classes, a $50 discount off the regular price! To reserve this amazing deal, sign up here.

In the mean time, you can watch their virtual workouts, free on their IG Live. If you can’t make their live workout, their videos will be saved on their Facebook page for you to stay fit at your convenience!

MAC Harbor East

Maryland Athletic Club is offering free IG Live classes on their page for members and non-members!

Members also have access to Les Mills on demand at their convenience—make sure to look out for any emails from MAC for further instructions on how to join!

Pilates House

Pilates House is excited to announce they are starting live streaming virtual workouts led by your favorite instructors in their studio! Current members can access the virtual workouts by reinstating their memberships and registering for classes on their studio schedule! Each class is archived, and if you can’t make a schedule class, members can still access these virtual workouts at their convenience.

If you’re not a member, you can still sign up for classes by booking the class and purchasing a $12 virtual class credit!

Pilates House is also offering 1-hour private virtual sessions with instructors via FaceTime and Zoom for $55!

Follow them on Instagram here!

MPower Yoga

MPower Yoga would like to remind you that online streaming classes is free for all members!

They also encourage all class pack users to purchase the new option of a $10 Online Streaming Drop-In. It is less expensive and will allow members to still have your class pack available when they reopen and you are practicing back in the studio!

They would also like to remind active intro offers that they can continue to use it to attend the online streaming classes. MPower Yoga can also extend your package so you can purchase the $10 Online Streaming Drop-In option during the studio’s closure.

REV Cycle

Because of popular demand from members, Rev Cycle is offering various discounted virtual class-packs ranging from a single class to a 20-pack. Classes are offered everyday, so you won’t have to worry about skipping a sweat session. Be sure to sign-up for their sweat for seven challenge, which entails working out everyday for a week beginning on April 6th.

if you are unable to purchase a pack, REV Cycle would still like you to show up to workouts and support your REV tribe—simply follow them on Instagram here for free IG Live workouts.

Sanctuary Bodyworks

Sanctuary is excited to announce that they are offering in-home video training and workouts—no special equipment is needed. If you are an existing member, contact your trainer or instructor to set-up a custom plan for your needs!

If you are a new client, contact or use the free consultation form here, to get started!

Reflex Fitness

Reflex is now offering FREE Zoom online workout classes for members and discounted rates for non-members!

Sign up through their website or Mindbody for the class schedule and zoom meeting link.

Also, be sure to follow them on Instagram to see their free Live workouts as well! 

Peak Performance

All members and nonmembers are now able to access FREE live virtual studio workouts by your favorite instructors! For members, they recommend downloading their app for the easiest booking and account management!

Donations are encouraged and can be made directly to the instructors via their social media accounts! Follow @PeakBaltimore for more details.

Stay Healthy

We hope that by working out with these top Baltimore trainers, you can continue to stay fit, happy, and healthy!