Eat, Drink and Be Merry This National Red Wine Day

August 19, 2020 | Food
Eat, Drink and Be Merry This National Red Wine Day

Red Wine

If you love red wine, August 28th is your day! Celebrate National Red Wine Day at these shops and wine bars right near your home at Union Wharf.

The very first winery, found in modern day Armenia, dates back all the way to 4100 B.C. Red wine was not only appreciated for its savory flavor, but was used as a trading tool. Ancient Greeks traded wine, and planted new vines, as they conquered and expanded their empires. It even became a replacement for water when European water sources were unclean.

Red wine is a drink of many flavors and has a deep history within all different societies, countries, and time periods. August 28th is your day to experience these rich flavors and the rich history of red wine.

Here are a few wine shops to check out near Union Wharf:

Bin 604 Wine and Spirits
Wine tasting, wine classes, wine cases, and more! Bin 604 in Harbor East has it all. Their week-to-week and season-to-season wine menu provides every opportunity for the perfect National Red Wine Day celebration.

Chesapeake Wine Company
Grab yourself some wine at Chesapeake Wine Company, located just down the road in Canton. More than just their delicious drink menu, Chesapeake Wine Company has a bar menu full of local snacks and dishes. Be sure to take home a bottle of red!

The Wine Source
Inside the heart of Hampden, you’ll find The Wine Source. This wine shop carries rich wine, silky cheese, and flavorful chocolates. With their knowledgeable staff, you will not be led astray this National Red Wine Day!

In the mood for a night out? Try these wine bars, too:

V-No Wine Bar
Enjoy a stunning view and a glass of red wine at V-No Wine Bar. Located just around the corner on the waterfront in Fells Point, you can order wine by the glass, by the bottle, or try a flight! and delicious charcuterie to accompany it all!

With its simplistic and modern décor, Fadensonnen in Old Goucher centers its expertise on table wine and Japanese sake. When you sip your wine at Fadensonnen, you’re supporting ethical production.

Serenity Wine Bar
Become your own bartender at Serenity Wine Bar with their open, self-serve system. At this Locust Point wine bar, you can try, taste, and indulge in as much or as little of any wine your heart desires! Pizza, sandwiches, desserts, and baked pasta paired with Serenity’s wine will leave your heart happy and your stomach full.

With all of these local shops and wine bars so close to Union Wharf, you’ll surely be able to celebrate National Red Wine Day in style!