Self-Care is Self-Improvement: How to Participate in National Self-Improvement Month

September 15, 2020 | Health & Fitness
Self-Care is Self-Improvement: How to Participate in National Self-Improvement Month


September is National Self-Improvement Month. Since modern society is fueled by stress and social media, it’s important that we recharge, reconnect, and refine ourselves.

We must remind ourselves that self-care, physical health, and wellness are important. Taking care of ourselves should always be a priority.

Besides, self-care and wellness is paramount, since we are in the midst of a global pandemic. Listed below are some local business, events, and activities that will promote self-improvement and empowerment.

Support Local and Personal Health and Wellness
We would like to feature a few local businesses that can assist in your self-improvement journey. Check them out and don’t forget to support local!

Charm City Integrative Health
Charm City Integrative Health offers various services to help with self-care and nourishment. This establishment does acupuncture, cryotherapy, salt therapy, nutritional counseling, lifestyle counseling, massages, and so much more. To strengthen your body, reduce inflammation, regulate circadian rhythms, and alleviate stress, schedule an appointment online today.

P.U.R.E. Integrated Health Services Foundation
P.U.R.E. is a holistic company that assists in various wellness journeys: spiritual, physiological, and physical. They offer various services: diet counseling, lifestyle counseling, Tai Chi, Ayurveda, hypnosis, and balancing of Reikis. P.U.R.E. aims to improve confidence, boost self-esteem, reduce stress/anxieties, and aid in bodily functions.

Thrive: Mobile IV Hydration Therapy
Thrive Solutions is a local business that offers Hydration and IV Therapy to residents, from the comfort of their apartments. IV and Hydration Therapy helps bodily equilibrium, cellular transport, and the formation of muscle tissue. If you’re interested in improving your bodily health, schedule a consultation with the Medical Director, Treatment Specialist, and/or Registered Nurse today.

What You Can Do For Yourself
Here are some activities that you can do with, and for, yourself.

Give back to your community by volunteering. VolunteerMatch can connect you to Baltimore volunteering organizations. Besides helping those around you, volunteering aids in mental and physical health. Volunteering can improve productivity, mood, and interpersonal relationships.

Get lost in a book this month. Enoch Pratt Free Library is a great resource for your literature needs. Since all buildings are closed due to COVID, remote services, book-by-mail, drive-in/community wifi, and audiobooks are available. Click here to read more. Reading helps neuroplasticity and elasticity, the formation of neural networks and more. It also boosts mood and alleviates stress.

Journalining is also a great way to self-reflect. Take some time to yourself to think about life, daily activities, morals, and ethics. You can also sketch, draw, or get creative. Try bullet journaling by following Maryland-based Instagrammer @MenWhoBullet to get started.

Take Care this September
Taking care of yourself is not selfish—please remember to take time for yourself this September, and throughout the year.