Start Fresh With 2021 in Baltimore

December 29, 2020 | Health & Fitness
Start Fresh With 2021 in Baltimore

Healthy resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions are sometimes daunting. We give it lots of thought and hope we can stick to this new life change for an entire year, but often times, we just go back to normal. This year, however, it seems like there cannot be enough changes for 2021. 2020 has inspired us to move past the hard things and start fresh, start anew.

Union Warf residents: take 2021 by the reigns and find some new ways to live healthy this upcoming year! Working out is a common New Years Resolution, and with Covid still presenting some challenges, there are still a few ways to tackle your workouts in Baltimore while staying safe from this virus. You can even do some of these workouts in your apartment or the Union Wharf gym.

Local Trainers in Baltimore
Not a gym junkie? That’s okay! These local Baltimore trainers are sure to give you a great workout, whether it’s at home or outdoors.

Tim Rider is a certified weightlifting and NSPA Speed and Agility Coach. Offering outdoor classes, typically on Tuesday at 7 am and Saturday at 8 am, Rider will put your fitness to the test. He runs his workouts at Banner Field in Locust Point. Message him on Instagram for details!

Stay pumped with Virtual fitness classes offered by Trainer Kelly Berger! After winning a Gold Medal for the USA Lacrosse team, Berger started her own fitness company called Resistance. She offers all types of classes including Barre, Yoga, Running, and Resistance training—there is no way you will walk away without a sweat!

Marissa Walch is all about fitness and health! Her online and outdoor classes will encourage you to push through the pain of a workout! Watch her workouts on Zoom or sign up for her classes here: @marissawalch | Linktree.

Reflex Functional Fitness is a gym with every possible class (now virtual) you can imagine, plus regular open gym hours! Sign-up to work with a trainer or hit the weights on your own! Right now, until February 28th, their special New Year New You is running! Purchase a 2-month package and commit to you with unlimited online classes for only $220.

Merritt Clubs for 2021 is now offering month-to-month memberships. You will feel less guilty eating those holiday treats when you sign up to join this gym! With personal trainers, special programs, and nutrition and wellness services, there is something for everyone at Merritt Clubs.

The Maryland Athletic Club (MAC) is ready for your 2021 transformation. With a sauna, 4 heated indoor pools, Pilates, yoga, onsite childcare, and free weights the MAC has all the amenities to help you reach your goals. Their online fitness classes have replaced in-person classes until Baltimore City laws change.

Healthy eating can be a bit tricky, but not with Jimmy’s Famous Meals. Join a meal plan and have the healthiest foods be delivered to your house up to 21 times a week! Customize each meal depending on whether you’re hoping to bulk or tone your body! John’s Fit Meals also offers a customized a meal preparation plan for your week dependent upon your own specific needs. Their chef-prepared meals are offered in three different ways: custom prep, bulk prep, or pre-made meals. Changing your health goes beyond the gym: check out how the Merrit Club dietitians and chefs have prepared the best meals ready to be shipped right to your home!

Stay Well
Taking control of your health has not been stunted by 2020 and the pandemic, it has just been changed a little! You can still reach your 2021 goals by staying active and engaging in a healthier lifestyle this upcoming year!