The Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Baltimore

January 21, 2021 | Food
The Best Non-Alcoholic Beverages in Baltimore


Happy 2021 to you, Union Wharf residents! It’s January 2021, time to put those resolutions to work. Are you doing a Dryuary this month or a Dry February next month? Or maybe you simply want a delicious, non-alcoholic beverage? Below are some great non-alcoholic options for either your Dryuary needs, or just for pleasure!


Teavolve – Harbor East
Try something to ease up on your espresso addiction or support it, by grabbing a drink from Teavolve! They have both tea and coffee items for any of your beverage needs.

Teavolve’s pumpkin-spiced chai latte includes spiced chai, pumpkin syrup, and milk all topped with whipped cream for $4.95, or their dirty-spiced chai latte with a double shot of espresso for $4.75.
Prefer matcha tea over coffee? Try Teavolve’s Mango Match Madness with green tea matcha, mango puree & milk blended to a shake-like consistency, all topped with whipped cream for $4.95, or a regular sweetened hot or iced matcha tea latte for just $4.

Although they are closed for in-person dining, you may order online for curbside delivery or visit them for takeout. Let Teavolve share their love for the community of Baltimore with you!

Atwater’s – Various Locations
Be sure to check out Atwater’s beverage treats, particularly the London fog, an Earl Grey tea with a splash of vanilla, and steamed milk of your choice. London Fog is served in 12 or 16oz for $3.95 or $4.50. Atwater’s Brunch menu features a number of other drinks for your Dryuary including dirty chai, sea salt caramel latte, and a matcha latte. Try these delicious beverages this month!

Pitango Bakery Café
Pitango Bakery not only has tea and coffee, but also provides top-tier baked goods for all your sweet tooth needs! If you’re a fan of Matcha tea, then heading to Pitango’s Bakery Café is simply a musttheir Matcha latte is simply the best in Baltimore and can be served hot or iced, with the milk of your choice.


Vagrant Coffee – Federal Hill
Not ready to give up your coffee addiction? Vagrant Coffee at has beverages for all your coffee needs. Try their flat white coffee, which includes double espresso with 6oz of steamed milk for $3.50.

Vagrant Coffee is known for their nomad espresso technique and you can customize all of their beverages to your liking. Grab your drink at Vagrant Coffeeand pastry while you’re at it!

Aveley Farms – Harbor East
Aveley Farms Coffee is sustainable, locally roasted, and high quality coffee made for the Baltimore Coffee Community. Their mission is to provide education and transparency of their coffee to the community. Try Aveley Farms’ cold brew 4-pack when you visit their nearby Harbor East location.
In light of the pandemic, they have also started the #CoffeeDrop Initiative to provide coffee and pastries to local doctors and nurses fighting in the frontlines. Donate $25, $50, $100 or anything in between to provide coffee and pastries for up to 40 doctors and nurses. All donations will be matched by Aveley Farms themselves. Get yourself a delicious beverage and help front line workers while you’re at it!

Ceremony Coffee – Various
Ceremony Coffee has several locations throughout Baltimore, with their Harbor Point location being closest to your home at Union Wharf. They offer a variety of choices for all of your espresso needs, especially their Cortado, which is an espresso with a small amount of steamed milk, for $3.50. If you love them already and want coffee beans delivered to your door, then subscribe and save 10% on coffee orders with free shipping on orders over $20. Be sure to check out Ceremony Coffee’s Harbor Point location, or order online today!


Earth Shake – Fells Point
If coffee and tea aren’t your thing, smoothies from Earth Shake are sure to be your perfect beverage. Their mission is to build a healthy and happy Baltimore community by providing access to real, whole foods that offer various options for all dietary needs and fitness goals.
Try the Kale Ripken smoothie which includes kale, coconut Water, blueberries, pineapple, banana, and almond butter for $8. Earth Shake’s Fells Point is just a short walk from Union Wharf, so be sure to make a healthy choice with Earth Shake!

Pure Raw Juice – Federal Hill
Planning a juice and smoothie cleanse this month? Pure Raw Juice has what you need for both healthy and delicious beverage options. Their Purple Haze smoothie includes blueberries, banana, cacao, raw honey, Sunwarrior chocolate protein, and their homemade cashew milk. This, in addition to their other drinks are high in vitamins and minerals, naturally boost energy levels, improve immunity, are full of plant-based proteins, lower cholesterol, and aid in strong bones. Pick-up or get your Pure Raw Juice buys delivered today!

Corner Juice Bar – Canton
Corner Juice Bar is perfect for your Dryuary juice cleanse! Try their Crave Crushers, available in customizable ways for $9.25. The original Crave Crusher includes chocolate protein, banana, dehydrated cherries, peanut butter, apple Juice, and almond milk.

Crave Crusher II contains vanilla protein, banana, pineapple, orange zest, turmeric, orange juice, and almond milk. The Tropical Crave Crusher includes vanilla chai protein, banana, strawberry, pineapple, coconut oil, and apple juice. Your juices from Corner Juice Bar are available for pick up or delivery today!

Bubble Tea

Bambao – Harbor East
Looking to try something different this month, then a beverage from Bambao is the way to go! Their bubble tea is, like the Taro Milk Tea with Boba, is an absolutely delicious treat! If you pick up in-store, you get 15% off your first order with promo code: BAMB15 and/or 10% off all online orders through Jan 31 with code: BUBBLE10. Try Bubble tea at Bambao in the heart of Harbor East!

Simply Sip – Little Italy
If you want quality Thai Tea, then Simply Sip is the place for you! Their Thai Tea with Boba and Thai Milk Tea with Boba for $4 and $4.50, are must-try items on the menu. Simply Sip’s Little Italy location has pick up and delivery, so you can simply take a sip of delicious bubble tea!


Wild Kombucha
If you’re looking for something different, try kombucha at Wild Kombucha! For your first try, the Tart Cherry Ginger kombucha, which contains only 50 calories with water, organic green tea, organic evaporated cane juice, kombucha culture, organic tart cherry juice, organic ginger Juice, and organic lime juice for $2.50. Get your 12-pack of Kombucha for $30 by placing your order on the website and picking up on the same day on Monday thru Friday from 9am-5pm. With each purchase accumulated by the end of the year, Wild Kombucha will donate 1% of total sales to the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to protect the watershed with a minimum contribution of $10,000 a year. Use your purchase for good and do your body some good by buying kombucha from Wild Kombucha!

Hex Ferments
Hex Ferments are Maryland-based food alchemists that use regenerative farming techniques and the traditional method of fermentation without using heat or white vinegar for their Kombucha. They are known for their Butterfly Lime Kombucha, which is the original purple kombucha. It’s made with an infusion of pea flowers, organic lime juice, and organic honey giving it a sweet and sour taste with natural carbonation and probiotics. One 25.4 fl oz bottle is for $12 with discounted prices for more quantities: 2 bottles for $10.80, 3 or more for $10.20, and 12 or more for $9.60. Drink kombucha for its positive effects, which include facilitating digestion, helping with immunity, and detoxification and buy it from Hex Ferments.


If you’re truly looking for a cocktail replacement, then try a Mocktail––all of the fancy mixers, with none of the alcohol. Gunther in Canton has some of the best Mocktails around town, like the Rose of Althea, which is house-made hibiscus shrub, lime juice and soda water.

Happy Sips to You!
We wish you good luck on your Dryuary or Dry February challenge and hope you options listed above for your non-alcoholic beverage needs in Baltimore.