Work Smarter, Not Harder in Your Home at Union Wharf This Year

January 26, 2021 | Apartment Living
Work Smarter, Not Harder in Your Home at Union Wharf This Year

Working from home seems to be the norm as the pandemic surges on. As 2020 comes to a close, and 2021 is starting up, transform your Work-From-Home space to help create an optimal area for you and your work! Union Wharf residents––make some space for your favorite coffee mug, greenery, and computer as you prep for your long workdays ahead.

Productivity, stress elimination, and injury prevention are a few reasons why improving your workspace at home is extremely important. When shopping and redesigning your in-home office, considering aspects like lighting, comfort, and distance are needed to create the best space possible.

Check out these local Baltimore shops and stores to find the perfect items to redesign your space:

Sandtown Furniture Co. started as a pile of beams in a Habitat for Humanity job site and has transformed into a company dedicated to its work and its customers. These wooden, handcrafted desks will provide your office with warmth and strength: the perfect work desk!

MiY Home offers online and in-store shopping! Schedule an appointment, chat online, or walk into MiY Home and find every desk, office chair, or bookshelf your may need! With countless options, colors, shapes, and sizes, there is something for everyone at MiY Home. The Centro Lift Desk allows you to stand or sit while working. This helps increase your productivity and diversifies your workday. Their chairs are made of different types of material, have reclining ability, and are designed with your health in mind.

Su Casa has helped furnish homes all over Baltimore. This local company is dedicated to decorating your home and office to perfection! From modern desks of wood and metal to rolling desk chairs, Su Casa provides comfort and style in multiple ways.

Design Distillery currently has sales on a few office items. The Conrad Desk originally listed at $1,645 is marked down to $1,398! Don’t miss out on this massive sale. With a mix of Scandinavian and modern furniture, Design Distillery is ready to furnish your office with the best there is.

Accessories are essential in your own workspace! Keep yourself organized at the Homebody General Store with the best planners, pencils, and plants! Row House 14 has every paper product you can imagine! Buy notepads for notes, scheduling, or just to put on your desk for decoration! The “Goals Notepad” and “Procrastination Notepad” are affordable and practical. Greenery is key to workspace! In fact, having indoor plants increases productivity. Who wouldn’t want that?! Check out all the amazing indoor plants at B.Willow. Their 2” succulents and potted Cacti in Glassware would sit beautifully on any desk or side table.

Now that you have a new desk, chair, plants, and planners, don’t forget those final touches! At TinyDogPress, grab some Baltimore themed coasters so there are no coffee stains on your new desk! Decorate your walls with lovely Baltimore City Posters like the Domino Sugar Factory, the Washington Monument, or Charm City.

These local shops are the best way to redecorate, revitalize, and rejuvenate your working from home experience. Work smarter, not harder, in your home at Union Wharf this year!