April is Stress Awareness Month: Here’s How to Destress in Baltimore

April 5, 2021 | Health & Fitness
April is Stress Awareness Month: Here’s How to Destress in Baltimore

Stress awareness

If you’ve been feeling like 2020 and 2021 have been incredibly taxing and stressful, then you’re not alone! To help our residents here at Union Wharf unwind, destress and reset, we wanted to celebrate Stress Awareness Month this April.

What is Stress Awareness Month?
Stress Awareness Month has been observed every April, since 1992.

In the early twentieth century, Walter Bradford Cannon coined the term “fight-or-flight.” His discovery, however, actually depicted the first stage of adaptation syndrome that we use to fight off stress. During the following decades, various physicians and psychologists researched general adaptation syndrome, or stress, and personality Type A. Their studies illustrated that stress can lead to relationship, mental, and physiological complications, even death. As a result, the International Stress Management Association was founded to ease our stresses at the workplace and at home.

So, we encourage Union Wharf residents to partake in these stress management and coping activities to improve their headspaces and lives.

Relax and Destress at the Spa
When life gets messy, treat yourself to a mud mask.

Spa at the Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore
Four Seasons in Harbor East is a 5-star hotel and spa that rejuvenates, revives and relaxes. Self-care is important, so don’t forget that you and your body matter. Here are their top services to relieve stress:

– The Cherry Blossom Ritual is a seasonal massage and treatment with brown sugar, cherry bark, cherry blossoms, lavender, rice bran and sea salt that exfoliates and smoothes the skin. Massages improve circulation and aromatherapy improves sleep.

– The Four Seasons Hotel’s spa is known for their hydrafacials. The spa has five options to choose from, that can detoxify the face with lymphatic drainage, kill bacteria, exfoliate, restore elasticity, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. A facial is great for a brilliant body and mental boost that will leave you glowing and confident.

– The Night Spa Experience is an unforgettable experience and package for two that includes: dinner and wine, candle-lit rose petal milk bath overlooking the harbor and a 90-minute massage. The experience also includes unlimited late-night access to the spa amenities. If you do not know, warm baths and saunas improve digestion.

The Healing Path
Fell’s Point’s The Healing Path is a holistic spa that centers on de-stressing, equilibrium, and connecting with oneself.

The Healing Path’s 60- or 90-Minute Massage is an absolute must; they aim to alleviate particular stresses and/or bodily conditions. During this experience, a trained massage therapist will use warm lavender wraps, heated basalt stones and custom oil blends. Their massages will improve breathing, body pains, flexibility, posture, and skin health.

Their signature facials are also amazing. Since this is a custom experience, a licensed skin therapist will target all of your skin concerns and conditions, such as aging, blemishes, and dryness. Their salts and botanical infusions will hydrate the skin and leave behind an unbeatable smoothness, radiance, and glow.

Find Your Inner Zen
Feeling twisted? Yoga and meditation are some of the best de-stressing coping mechanisms and activities.

P.U.R.E. in Canton offers various meditation holistic services that promote balance, focus, and self-awareness. Their services include: heart rhythm meditation, kundalini, guided healing, transcendental meditation, and vipassana. They also offer crystal therapy and meditation.

Sanctuary Bodyworks
Sanctuary Bodyworks in Fell’s Point is offering private yoga sessions. Before you get started, they offer a free consultation that evaluates your expertise and concerns. Since they know that your time is precious, instructors meet when it is convenient for you. Bookings for their 60-minute sessions are sold in packages of single, four, eight, or twelve sessions.

Discover the Therapy for You
Beyond cognitive behavioral therapy, there are holistic therapies that improve your overall quality of life.

Charm City Integrative Health
Feeling a little burnt out? Canton’s Charm City Integrative Health offers a unique red light therapy experience. Red light therapy connects our body to wavelengths that restores ATP (energy) pathways and cellular respiration. This enhances cognitive function, memory, healing, and muscle recovery.

Charm City Integrative Health also conducts salt therapy sessions. Salt therapy sessions last 30-minutes and take place in the Salt Cocoon, a personal salt cave. Whilst in there, you will enjoy a heated seat, breathe in air with microfine salt particles and listen to relaxing music. There are numerous benefits to this, such as a decrease of mucus in the airways, increase in respiratory function, and boosted immune response. Stress can decrease health, immune responses, and respirations, so this therapy can alleviate bodily functions.

You’re Kneaded
Sanctuary Bodyworks is currently offering Rolfing sessions. Rolfing is an activity that includes guided movement with a massage therapist. Rolfing corrects bodily structure and capabilities, by alleviating balance, flexibility and posture. Since psychological stress can stiffen and tighten the muscles and joints, this is a great way to destress.

Their Rolfing series lasts for 75-minutes per session, with a total of ten sessions. Afterward, you will have superb mind-body connection, alignment and sleep.

Stay Well
We hope that all of our residents here at Union Wharf make some time to destress this April and beyond!