Baltimore’s Terrifying Haunts and Thrills

October 20, 2021 | Events | Holidays
Baltimore’s Terrifying Haunts and Thrills
Haunted houses

The end of October brings about one of the most beloved holidays for horror fanatics everywhere. For many, the nights leading up to Halloween are full of horror films, costume parties, pumpkin carving, and the most adrenaline-pumping – haunted houses. With scares at every turn and extremely creepy props and costumes, haunted houses embody the true Halloween spirit. Luckily, Baltimore and its surrounding counties have plenty of legendary haunted houses to visit if you’re in search of a night of fun and screams, all not too far from your home here at Union Wharf.

The Nevermore Haunt

As one of the highest-rated haunted houses in Baltimore, The Nevermore Haunt is a must-see for Halloween this season. Based on the historical themes of Baltimore, this unique find is so scary, it just might give you nightmares. With fun sideshows, ranging from fortune-telling to performers, on top of a wide variety of food vendors, including a bar with local craft beers, The Nevermore Haunt offers a three-in-one deal for a horror-filled night.

Bennett’s Curse

Locally owned and family operated, Bennett’s Curse in Baltimore offers four attractions, each themed accordingly to Halloween. Underworld takes place in, as the name implies, the Underworld, where demons, vampires, and other monsters roam the line between the living and the dead. Inferno, based on Dante’s The Divine Comedy, brings the poet’s tale to life through 3D immersion to make you feel as if you are passing through the Gates of Hell and into Inferno. The Ravenbrook Asylum brings you into an institution housing criminally insane patients who are being affected by an evil entity, creating a disturbing environment for all guests to explore. Legends of Halloween, the last attraction, brings back the classic Halloween setting, including giant spiders, mummies, ghosts, a cemetery, and more. Regardless of which one will end up being your favorite, your night will be full of disturbing new sights and experiences crafted for you by Bennett’s Curse.

Baltimore Ghost Tours

Not a fan of the screams and thrills, but still adore Halloween? Baltimore Ghost Tours offers you creepy and skin-crawling stories that can make you shiver without the jumps, scares, and terrifying costumes. Instead, you’re able to tour Baltimore and hear real ghost stories about various haunted areas in the city. What could be creepier than learning the haunted history of your own city and places you pass by on your daily commute? After this tour, you may never look at the city of Baltimore the same way again!

Legends of the Fog

With all-in-one attractions, Legend of the Fog offers a wide variety of spooky scares to entertain you this season. Try the haunted hayride, where you must evacuate from zombie hordes and other terrifying monsters in the foggy night. Or perhaps you wish to experience the Cornstalkers Haunted Maze, where you may find yourself feeling as if someone is watching you amongst the stalks of corn. The newest attraction, Slaughterhouse, will walk you through a former meat processing plant that might be using humans for their meat. Such horrifying attractions might leave you restless, but if you want a true scare, you can find one at Legends of the Fog.

Devil’s Playground

If you commonly drive down 301, then you have most likely viewed the billboards advertising one of the scariest attractions in Maryland, the Devil’s Playground. Located in Galena, just outside of Baltimore, this haunted attraction thinks up horror stories that not even Stephen King could tell. Your flesh will be crawling when you experience all that Devil’s Playground has to offer.

Laurel’s House of Horror

Offering three different experiences, Laurel’s House of Horrors gives you the option to pick your poison for the night. You can choose the classic haunted house experience, which is built inside of an abandoned movie theatre, to get all of the bone-chilling scares your heart can handle. Escape Rooms are also offered, with three different rooms all inspired by cult classics and other horror themes, such as asylums and carnivals. Or, sign up for a paranormal tour that is in an abandoned cinema building, where you can join investigators on a ghost hunt and experience if you have what it takes to be a ghost hunter. Laurel’s House of Horror will fill your night with fear and activities that you will continue to talk about for days!

Field of Screams

Located in Mountville, PA, Field of Screams is guaranteed to hold up to its name and provide you with a scream-worthy night of horror. Fun attractions, like the Den of Darkness, provide guests with three stories worth of scares that takes place in an old barn full of blood-thirsty creatures and abhorrent monsters. Nocturnal Wasteland is another insane attraction, tracking you through a forest full of creepy inhabitants lurking nearby. Listed as America’s #1 Haunted Attraction, Field of Screams is a bucket list haunted house that you’ll have to visit this Halloween!

Happy Halloween

Celebrate Halloween in a classic fashion this year by visiting one of the highly esteemed haunted houses in and around Baltimore. From terrifying scares to disturbing costumes and decorations, these haunted houses just may give you nightmares for weeks. Whichever one you choose to visit, prepare yourself for a night of fun and creepy activities that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else! If you do take one of our recommendations, be sure to tag us in your spooky photos, @UnionWharf.