Best Places to Workout in Baltimore in 2022

January 11, 2022 | Health & Fitness
Best Places to Workout in Baltimore in 2022

As the New Year begins and we step into 2022, new goals and resolutions are abundant. From eating healthier to learning a new skill, there are an infinite number of aspirations that people want to achieve. Another common goal is working out and getting in shape. With so many places and opportunities to work out and further your fitness journey, Baltimore allows you to reach your fitness goals with ease! Regardless of what type of fitness program you are interested in beginning or continuing, we have the perfect places for you to try! 

Workout in Fells Point

Union Wharf

What better place to workout than at your own home? Union Wharf features a fitness center, giving you a large range of options to choose from. If you prefer cardio, there are treadmills, elliptical machines, and Interactive X Bikes available. Or if you prefer to lift weights, free weights and an Olympic bench are readily available for you to lift your next PR! After you workout, head over to the yoga studio to stretch and increase blood flow to your freshly exercised muscles. With the versatility to fit your fitness needs, Union Wharf gives you the comfort of working out at home with all of the equipment you need. 


Located in Fells Point and close to Union Wharf is F45. Utilizing functional training, which involves a mixture of circuit training and HIIT workouts, for a total of 45 minutes, F45 provides a unified workout experience that will improve your physical strength and endurance. With specific days dedicated to cardio, resistance, and hybrid training, you will hit each and every fitness area to put you into peak performance and health. Supportive trainers will encourage you and your fellow team members every step of the way, and give you the motivation you need to succeed. 

Pilates House

Pilates is specifically designed to stretch, lengthen and align your body with each movement. At Pilates House, in Fells Point, you can sculpt insane muscles by taking one (or all!) of their classes. With options like Cardio Core, tailored to improve stamina with an emphasis on core and leg strength, or their AAA class, which focuses on abs, arms, and glutes, you will find yourself signing up for more than one class! Private training is also available, allowing beginners to get more comfortable before entering a group setting or allows current Pilate clients to deepen their practice. No matter what your goals are, Pilates House can help you achieve them! 

Sanctuary Bodyworks

Individualized attention to one’s body and health can help you reach your fitness goals. At Sanctuary Bodyworks in Fells Point, you have the opportunity to sign up for personal training, allowing you to receive a specifically tailored training session to meet your physical needs. Getting into shape is not all about exercise though, which is why Sanctuary Body also offers Nutrition Counseling. Discussing your diet and making alterations or ensuring you are receiving all the nutrients your body needs, these counseling sessions can be transformative for your New Years’ Resolutions. Counseling and training is not all that is offered; Group Pilate Classes and Private Yoga Classes give you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. With such a holistic approach, you will see results in no time. 

Get Your Sweat on in Harbor East and Harbor Point

Maryland Athletic Club (MAC)

Group training, personal training, and fitness courses are made readily available for you to pick and choose from, giving you the chance to figure out what is best for you and your fitness goals. The MAC in Harbor East also has a swimming pool, allowing you to reserve a lane for free swim, as well as Squash Courts for you and your friends to play friendly matches or join an active league! Kids programs are also available, making the MAC perfect for families with children of all ages. For a variety of options that are flexible to meet your needs, whether physically or socially, the MAC in Harbor East is a great place to start working on your New Years’ Resolutions! 

Orange Theory

Orange Theory is the new fitness program that is sweeping the nation. With fast paced and exciting HIIT workouts, Orange Theory follows a guide that helps you reach “The Orange Zone,” to maximize calorie and fat burn during your workout. From rowing to cardio to strength training, you can hit all areas of fitness in one class to ensure you are receiving an effective and efficient workout. Located in Harbor East, Orange Theory is the new fitness routine you have to try! 

Solid Core

Solid Core offers intense workouts consisting of slow and controlled full-body resistance training to reach your physical fitness goals. With many classes offered, ranging from Hamstrings and Triceps to Inner Thighs and Biceps, you will appreciate the burn you feel as you strengthen and lengthen your muscles as you target each section. Calling itself Pilates refined, experience a new and evolved workout that will have you sore in the best way possible. 

Breathing Dragon Yoga

Yoga is not only good for your physical health, but for your mind and spirit. Breathing Dragon Yoga in Harbor Point offers Hot Yoga and Hot HIIT Yoga Classes, giving you challenging and fun experiences that lead to results you can both see and feel. With the core values of Community, Care, and Courage, you will find that taking classes at Breathing Dragon is more than a workout. There is more of an emotional connection to your practice and others, where your goals are heard and cared for. Bring some heat into your life by trying out a class at Breathing Dragon Yoga!

Resistance Fitness

If going to the gym and working out in person with others is something you don’t feel comfortable with, Resistance is the perfect option for you! Join live classes online, where you can workout from the comfort of your own home. With courses like Barre, TRAIN, Spin, and Yoga, you will find yourself training like an athlete. Each course consists of intense and challenging movements that will leave you feeling stimulated and strong at the end. With the ability to sign up for weekly classes or subscribe, you have the flexibility you need to find the best plan that works for you, your life, and your fitness goals! Best of all, their in-person spin studio will be opening in the spring in Harbor Point.

You Can Do It in Canton

Merritt Clubs

Located in various areas throughout the city, including Canton, Merritt Clubs offers various types of training and programs for you to diversify your workouts this year! From boxing to dance to yoga, Merritt Clubs covers your favorite activities all in one membership. Even better, Merritt Clubs also offers “On Demand” classes, allowing you to follow workouts led by Merritt Clubs instructors and trainers right from your own home. With a family-friendly environment, courses are made available for kids including dance, aquatics, and even the Parisi Speed Training school. For a place that the entire family will love, Merritt Clubs gives you the opportunity to keep you and your family happy and healthy. 


With a focus on interval training, PEAK combines conditioning, strength, and high-intensity exercises to give you a full-body workout. Professional coaches are available to help you design the perfect workout for you and your needs, giving everyone the opportunity to succeed. Along with flexible membership options and affordable pricing, you will find that getting fit does not need to be expensive. PEAK, located in Highlandtown, emphasizes the importance of you, your goals, and your time, making this gym a one-of-a-kind experience. 


Working out can be difficult or feel repetitive, which is why PUSH511 constantly offers varied workouts to keep you and your body from feeling bored. With sustainable workouts that you can do at any age, PUSH511 focuses on long-term health and fitness. Start with a basic preparation class, created to ensure that you are maximizing your workouts and are performing each movement correctly, as well as taking a look at nutrition and your body composition. After that, you can begin taking Crossfit classes to get into the best shape of your life. PUSH511 pushes you to reach your goals and maintain them. 

Rev Cycle Studio

Getting fit is as easy as riding a bike — literally. At Rev Cycle Studio in Brewer’s Hill, you can partake in 45-60 minutes of intense cycling to build the quads of your life. With motivating and enthusiastic instructors, workouts will be a fun challenge that will leave you sweaty by the end. The studio also offers REV at Home, giving you the opportunity to stream both live and recorded classes from your own home. For a flexible and affordable fitness program, Rev Cycle Studio offers a fresh and exciting way to get fit this year. 

Get into Downward Dog, Downtown


With 14,000 square feet full of gym equipment, Grind takes training to a whole new level. Open, full gym access gives you the opportunity to train how you like and when you like. Personal Training, Nutrition Counseling, and Physical Therapy are offered as well, providing a holistic approach to keeping you in shape and healthy. With the flexibility of working out based on your desires and schedule, the Grind in Downtown is an easy and versatile way to get into the best shape of your life.


Located in a former bank in Downtown, FX Studios’ Under Armour Performance Center (UAPC) offers a distinctly unique workout experience. From classes like Bodyweight Basics to HIIT, individuals of all levels can find a program or class that best fits their needs and aspirations. On-Demand options also give you the flexibility to workout on your own time! Unlike other gyms, FX Studios also includes a full-service Salon, an Under Armour retail storefront, and a FX Physical Therapy Clinic. For a gym that stands out, FX Studios has all you could need right in one place.

Find Fitness in Federal Hill 


With members of all different backgrounds and levels, Reflex creates a family-like atmosphere that encourages growth for both the individual and the Reflex community. Classes like Stamina or HIIT are designed to keep you on your toes and moving to maximize your workout. Other classes like Sculpt or Strength and Conditioning focus on incorporating strength training to improve muscular strength and endurance. Each class gives you the opportunity to continuously improve, while also receiving encouragement and support from other members. Reflex creates a safe environment for you to reach your full potential.

Knockout Fitness

What is a better way to release any anger and tension than to box? At Knockout Fitness in Federal Hill, you can take a variety of boxing classes that focus on strength, cardio, and endurance. From SureFit, designed to incorporate building lean muscle, to Velocity, tailored to improve agility and footwork, you will be training like a champ. For an invigorating and intense workout, Knockout Fitness ensures you will leave feeling better than when you came in. 

Industry Athletics

Creating a sense of community for individuals of all levels, Industry Athletics in Federal Hill focuses on creating a fun and challenging environment for you to thrive in. With programs like Crossfit or Drive, designed to be high-intensity workouts that build muscle and burn calories, you will be sure to get an efficient and effective workout. With Physical Training and Nutrition Counseling also offered, you are able to improve all aspects of your life to better your health and achieve your fitness goals.

Find Your Fit in 2022

As the New Year jitters wind down and you begin to solidify a comfortable routine, finding a gym in Baltimore that works for you has never been easier. From an all-access gym, to yoga, to Crossfit — the opportunities are endless! You can choose to improve or maintain yourself in a current program, or try something new that peaks your interest!  No matter how or where you choose to workout, Baltimore offers an abundance of options to find the best fit for you, your goals, and your lifestyle. 

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