Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Baltimore

February 7, 2022 | Holidays
Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Baltimore
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the most commonly celebrated holidays in the world, bringing together lovey-dovey couples and proposals of all kinds. While there are multiple saints named Valentine or Valentinus that the holiday could have been named after, all of these saints were martyred during ancient Roman times. Regardless, the saints’ motif of being a romantic figure still stands. Following the death of the namesake, Valentine’s Day became a holiday celebrated by pagans (originally called Lupercalia, but was later Christianized to St. Valentine’s Feast). The ideas of love and romance were commonly associated with February 14th throughout history, with different ways of celebrating from romantic poems to notes written as early as the 1400s. These notions are still performed today, along with new ideas of gifts and romance that keep the same values of the original tradition.

In Baltimore, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated in a variety of ways! Give your sweetheart, or treat yourself, to the perfect gift—you can find everything you need right here in Baltimore this Valentine’s Day, all not too far from your home at Union Wharf. 

Something Sweet for Your Sweetheart

Berries by Quicha

Enjoy some heavenly chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year! Berries by Quicha, a local Gourmet shop, offers fresh and juicy strawberries dipped in decadent chocolate for you to enjoy. With designs being available on the strawberries, including an entirely chocolate rose, you can bring home a bouquet of chocolate strawberries to your sweetheart that will surely be eaten within minutes! 

Mouth Party Caramels

Finding delicious treats with food allergies or intolerances has never been easier! Mouth Party Caramels creates sweet treats that are nut-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and do not use high fructose corn syrup. Various caramel flavors provide you with an abundance of flavorful options that you and your loved ones will enjoy. With heart-shaped designs exclusively for Valentine’s Day, you will fall head over heels for these tasty treats, and so will your partner! 

For Blossoming Love

Fleur De Lis Floral Design

What’s more romantic than a floral bouquet? Fleur De Lis has beautifully crafted floral designs that make you gasp in awe. Valentine’s Day-themed bouquets, such as Strawberry Fields and Pretty in Pink, are the perfect gift for your special someone. Top the gift off with some chocolate covered strawberries and colorful balloons, and Fleur De Lis will give you the most thoughtful gift this year! 

Enchanted Petals Florist

Flowers have been used for centuries as a way to show you love someone, which is why Enchanted Petals Florist has expert designers to help you find the perfect design to declare your love! From classic roses and lily bouquets to larger-than-life creations, these flowers will speak for themselves. For a personalized and special gift, Enchanted Petals Florist has you covered this Valentine’s Day.

Say You’ll Be Wine

Bin 604

A classy night for Valentine’s Day requires some delectable wine. At Bin 604, you’ll have an abundance of choices of wine to choose from. Whether you prefer a traditional Merlot, or you want to experiment with something more unique, like a Gruner Vetliner, you will find exactly what you’re looking for at Bin 604. If wine isn’t your thing, feel free to choose from the other alcoholic beverages and spirits available from a wide selection to make finding the perfect drink easy.

Chesapeake Wine Co.

At the Chesapeake Wine Company, you can choose from 22 selections of wine that cover a range of flavors and grape varieties. Whether it’s a Sparkling Bellissimia or a Cabernet Sauvignon that catches your eye, CWC offers you the best tasting wine and selections. With a bar menu, you can also catch a bite to eat for Valentine’s Day including a cozy pizza or perhaps a delectable tapenade. Celebrate Valentine’s Day with CWC for a tasty meal and drink that will fill you up with love. 

Love has a Nice Ring to it…

Tigerlillyshop Jewelry

Jewelry is a gift that everyone can appreciate. From rings to necklaces to bracelets, Tigerlillyshop has a wide assortment to fit the taste of your significant other! With the theme of nature, including Cicada Wing Earrings, or Feather Heart Necklaces, this jewelry brings you closer to the beauty of nature. Other designs include Vintage-themed jewelry that include brass earrings or filigree earrings to bring the aesthetic of another era to you. No matter what your or your partner’s taste is, you will find a (if not more than one) piece of jewelry that you will fall in love with! 

Stephen Page of Baltimore

Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to buy something new for your loved one! Instead, you can repair or touch up a current piece of jewelry. Stephen Page offers various services for your jewelry needs. Do you have an engagement ring that needs to be polished or resized? Perhaps that vintage necklace that needs to be restored? No matter what the problem is, Stephen Page can fix it. The gift of repairing something personal this Valentine’s Day can be the best gift of all! 

Happy Valentine’s Day

No matter how or who you celebrate this day of love with, Baltimore has everything you need, all right outside your apartment home at Union Wharf!