Celebrating the Luck of the Irish in Baltimore this St. Patrick’s Day

March 12, 2022 | Events | Holidays
Celebrating the Luck of the Irish in Baltimore this St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day, celebrated annually on March 17th, celebrates Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland and its national apostle. The day commemorates his death, having been observed since the ninth or tenth century. This developed into the early 1600s, when the first St. Patrick’s Day Parade was held and that became a tradition for the rest of time. Irish patriotism grew in America as Irish immigrants fled their homes due to the Great Potato Famine. 

St. Patrick’s Day became a celebration for the Irish immigrants to celebrate their heritage, even in a new country, showing their Irish pride, as well as their strength and prominence in America. While celebrations vary per area and individual, wearing green and consuming Irish foods is a popular way to celebrate the holiday. In Baltimore, there are tons of events that bring this strong Irish pride to the city. 

Irish Bars in Baltimore

Claddagh Pub

Whether you are craving brunch or dinner, Claddagh Pub offers delicious eats, ranging from fresh seafood to tasty sandwiches, including an Irish Reuben! An extensive selection of drinks will also give you the buzz you need to celebrate St. Patty’s day in the way of the Irish. Whatever you choose to quench your thirst, Claddagh Pub has everything you could need and more this St. Patrick’s Day and beyond.  

Delia Foley’s

As a new bar in Federal Hill, Delia Foley’s wastes no time at becoming one of the most popular and best bars in the area. With over 60 types of bottled beer available, 16 craft beer selections, and over 40 wing flavors (including Irish-themed names like Jamrock and Irish Destiny) – your St. Patrick’s Day will be anything but dull. If you are interested in a nice warm meal, try the traditional Shepherd’s Pie or Galway Reuben, followed up by a Jameson Irish Mule. For a place that looks and tastes Irish, Delia Foley’s has you covered.

Slainte Irish Pub & Restaurant

Voted at the Best Soccer Bar in Baltimore, Slainte will make you forget about football, and bring your attention to Irish soccer and rugby. Enjoy fish and chips with a large cup of Guinness as you celebrate the Irish holiday this year. In a traditional setting with an eclectic menu, Slainte brings Ireland to you in unique ways that still hold true to their Irish origins. 

Mick O’Shea’s

Opening at 10AM on St. Patrick’s Day, Mick O’Shea’s is encapsulating the energy of Ireland into its pub. With Irish food and music all day long, including a live band, you may find yourself feeling transported straight into Ireland! From comfort foods, like Bangers and Mash, or Fish-n-Chips, to tasty beverages like Bare Knuckle Rye Whiskey, you’ll find Ireland not only in the environment, but in the delicious food as well!

St. Patrick’s Day Events in Baltimore

Annual St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Knotty Pine is hosting their annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration all weekend! With traditional Irish favorites, like Corned Beef and Cabbage to Potato Leek Soup, celebrating has never tasted so good! Alcoholic beverages will also be served, including the classic Guinness and Jameson, making this weekend-long celebration the best one yet. 

Kegs Eggs and Rally 2022

Have you ever thought about combining your love of the Irish with high-energy EDM music, green beer, or confetti cannons? Hosted by PLANT POWER LIVE!, this day-long event on March 19th brings more than just food and drinks to the table. With festival and bar games, inflatables, and more, this event will have your adrenaline pumping. Tickets allow you to choose from a selection of your favorite drinks from Angry Orchard to Vizzy, as well as access to other participating venues. For a day of fun, Kegs Eggs and Rally will ensure you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in the best way possible.

Baltimore Shamrock Crawl

What could be cooler than getting your own Shamrock mug that is refillable at any of Fells Point’s best bars? With only $3 light beers or rail drinks, and a fun Shamrock Shot, the Shamrock Crawl will keep you having fun without breaking your budget. Party favors and free photos of the event will be taken, ensuring that you will never forget this exciting night of fun. 

Baltimore’s Saint Patrick’s Day 5K

For a 5K with a reward at the end, this run gives you the gift of Moscow Mule Mug to be filled with craft beer after you completed the race. Whether you walk or run, by yourself or with friends, this unique event will leave you feeling fit and perhaps a little tipsy. The Baltimore Road Runners Club’s event is the perfect way to meet new people and celebrate Irish heritage, while encouraging fun fitness activities! 

Hoppy St. Patrick’s Day

With themed specials and giveaways all of St. Patrick’s Day weekend, Max’s Taphouse is curating the best menu to celebrate that Irish pride. A special Jameson cocktail menu and Guinness drink specials will be available, keeping the Irish classics alive and current for this celebration! 

Date Night: The Cuisine of Ireland

Make St. Patrick’s Day a celebration for two this year! With the tastes of Ireland brought to your own home in Baltimore, this class will teach you how to cook authentic Irish food. With tasty eats like Guinness Braised Beef Short Ribs or Salmon on Irish Brown Bread being taught, you will leave the class with delicious food and a full stomach. Whether you go by yourself, your significant other, or a friend, you will be guaranteed to have a memorable night that celebrates St. Patrick’s Day in the most delectable way possible. 

Regardless of if you are of Irish heritage or not, celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is an exciting event for all. From cultural foods you may have never tried before, to simply having fun with your friends, this holiday gives you the opportunity to have and try new things! Celebrate your Irish pride this year in Baltimore for memorable experiences that will keep you waiting until the next St. Patrick’s Day!