Have a Stress-Free April in Baltimore

April 18, 2022 | Health & Fitness
Have a Stress-Free April in Baltimore
Stress awareness

Stress is an inevitable part of life, causing consequential emotional and physical problems and health concerns. April signifies Stress Awareness Month, emphasizing the importance of finding strategies to manage or prevent stress levels. Whether you cope by meditating or receiving help from a doctor, acknowledging and treating your stress in a healthy way is extremely important.

In Baltimore, there are numerous places to help Union Wharf residents relax and healthily manage their stress. Check out some of these ways to destress in Baltimore to give your mind and body the release it deserves!

Get Moving to Destress

Pilates House

If you are a fan of yoga or pilates, step up a level to try the Hot Flow or Hot Pilates at Pilates House in Fells Point. Using infrared heating panels, the heat elicits the same response from the body as it would from being in the sun. This heating incorporates movement and helps to detoxify the body through increased blood circulation and sweating. This can also help promote deep healing in your muscles and joints, making the session transformative for your entire body. The practice itself, as integrated with the heat, is also relaxing and encourages the mind to quiet and focus. Conjoining both a mental practice such as yoga or pilates with the benefits of the infrared heating panels gives clients the opportunity to heal themselves both physically and mentally. 

Patterson Park

One of the most beneficial ways to reduce stress and increase mindfulness is to go out in nature and go for a walk. As one of the most frequented parks in the Baltimore area, Patterson Park is designed in a variety of architectural styles to create a unique environment that reduces stress from urban life. Patterson Park also has numerous amenities available including a tennis court, a swimming pool, a picnic pavilion, and more that can help alleviate stress by getting outside and having fun!

Inner Harbor Paddle Kayak Tours

For an interesting activity that brings you out onto the calming waters of the Inner Harbor, BCRP Recreation offers three-hour Kayak Tours. Not only will you experience a relaxing time, but you will also learn some fascinating historical and biological facts. The tours are offered on Sundays from either 9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm, from May through October. Paddle your way through the harbor to release any mental tension and experience the calmness of the Inner Harbor.

Unwind and Relax

Htown Wellness

With massage therapy services focused on de-stressing the mind and body, Htown Wellness in Highlandtown offers various forms of relaxation. Options include a Deep Tissue Massage that utilizes slow, deep strokes to target inner layers of your body’s muscles and tissues, and a Hot Stone Massage which uses flat, heated stones on specific areas of the body to elicit relaxed muscles. Package deals are also available, giving you the ability to continue to work on relieving and releasing stress throughout the month and beyond! 

Sanctuary Body

Bodywork is a growing service that works on alleviating tension in the body through manual massage therapy or treatments. At Sanctuary Body, located in Fells Point, you can try a custom or on location massage – both designed to meet your needs through numerous methods including reflexology, deep tissue massage, cranial sacral therapy, and more. Rolfing, a form of bodywork that focuses on changing the body’s physical structure to bring the body back into natural alignment and balance in gravity, is also offered at Sanctuary Body. This massage directs its attention to the soft tissue of the body to reduce and prevent tension, leading to a reduction of chronic muscle strain, greater energy, and a strengthened sense of wellbeing. While you can get as many massages as you would like, you can experience an alleviation of stress in just one session!

The Healing Path

Close to Union in Fells Point, The Healing Path offers an extremely unique relaxation session using Therapeutic Stretching. These sessions consist of combining breathwork and assisted “push and release” stretches, increasing mobility and decreasing muscle tension. Assisted stretching can lead to more energy and increased focus, on top of a sense of relaxation. For a type of therapeutic massage that promises a long-term solution, The Healing Path offers numerous packages to ensure you and your body get the attention and relaxation it needs. 

The Loft
From relaxing facials to other spa services like brow design or lash extensions, treat yourself this month and beyond. The Loft also offers a phenomenal sauna that uses infrared wavelengths to detoxify and heal your body, while also combatting stress and fatigue. 

Destress in Baltimore this April and Beyond

Stress can be debilitating and make you feel unmotivated or fatigued. Participating in activities that release tension and anxiety can be extremely helpful in managing and preventing stress from building up. Whether you decide to get a massage or go for an afternoon walk, you are prioritizing care for your body and mind, which is the most important aspect of reducing stress and feeling relaxed.