It’s Time for Spring Cleaning in Baltimore

May 18, 2022 | Apartment Living
It’s Time for Spring Cleaning in Baltimore
Spring cleaning

Union Wharf residents, let’s attack spring cleaning with some gusto! Originally necessary while indoor fires and closed windows kept homes warm during the winter, spring cleaning is still applicable today. By finding lost items, increasing productivity, being happy and healthy, and purging, spring cleaning benefits not only your home, but also yourself! You can even make money from spring cleaning by selling old items on Facebook Marketplace or at a yard sale.

New to spring cleaning?
Check out these tips and tricks:

1. Tidy up your rooms before cleaning

2. Greet your home with gratitude and positive energy

3. Work from the top down — ceilings first and floors last

4. Clean by room 

– Bedroom: Wash linens, flip the mattress, vacuum/mop, swap seasonal apparel 

– Bathrooms: Clean shower, tub, and drain, wipe down counters, clean inside and outside of the toilet

– Living Areas: Launder curtains and wash rugs, dust, clean window sills and blind

– Kitchen: Wipe down the fridge, freezer, microwave, and stove, clean counters and cabinet doors and handles, wash any dishes, clean the sink and drain 

Get Organized
Need help getting organized? There are plenty of organization companies right here in Baltimore to help you out.

Let your space Bloom, is a home organizing company ready to efficiently and elegantly alter the space in your home here at Union Wharf. They provide hands-on organizing, rightsizing, and more!

Abell Organizing aims to reflect your personality and your dreams into your home. To Abell, order brings peace. Their skills will help you discover the truest, purest meaning of your home.

Di is Organized is all about helping families create peaceful and harmonious homes. An all-inclusive and customized service, Di is Organized will prep your spring cleaning in the best way possible. 

Fresh and Clean!
Sometimes, spending your free time cleaning is less than ideal. Luckily, Baltimore has plenty of cleaning companies to take care of the dirty work!

Canton Cleaning Company has both exceptional deep cleaning and standard cleaning services. Check out their free estimate and home survey so they can provide the best, most affordable service possible.

Kelly Green Club routinely cleans and sanitizes surfaces. Their EPA-certified disinfectant will safely clean your home and their website provides clear steps for each task they will perform in each room!

Baltimore Home Cleaning will make your home squeaky clean! With 5-star reviews, these cleaning specialists promise exceptional home cleaning. Their service packages will keep your home not only spring clean your house but keep it clean all year!  

Happy Cleaning
Spring Cleaning is made easy with organizers and services to help you out! Get your gloves on, your trash bags ready, and hit the ground running this spring with a clean home and a happy heart! Be sure to tag pictures of your freshly cleaned apartment home, @UnionWharf.