Summer Sun and Fun in Baltimore

June 25, 2022 | Food
Summer Sun and Fun in Baltimore

Perfect summer weather always calls for some fun activities. Baltimore has tons of different ways to celebrate the summer season. Union Wharf residents: Check out our guide to help you have a great summer in Baltimore! 

Snowballs in Summer 

Popularized in the mid-1800s when ice blocks were shipped from New York to the South, the ice shavings from the blocks became a favorite way to cool-down from the Baltimore summer heat. Eventually, people started to add flavorings to sweeten the ice, creating what are now some of the traditional tasty treats we enjoy today! 

You can try this mouthwatering delight at The Pretzel Twist, right here in Fell’s Point! Offering a variety of flavors, The Pretzel Twist holds true to its traditions with classic flavors including, like egg custard (with marshmallow of course). Other flavors include Raspberry-inspired Skylite, or a Classic Cherry — perfect for those who prefer a fruity taste to their snowball.

If you want a wide array of flavors, Icy Delights will have your tastebuds dancing on your tongue! Try one of the specialty flavors, like their Reese’s Peanut Butter or Caramel Apple, for a more adventurous pick. You can also add soft serve to the bottom and the top of a snowball, making a DIY snowball sandwich! 

Quality Snowballs in Hampden also focuses on creative ways to transform the snowball into something more than just shaved ice. Cure your sweet tooth with Milk & Cookies or S’Mores to bring you the best tastes of winter into summer months. Or, if you prefer classic flavors, try their Coconut or Chocolate snowball and add melted marshmallow on top for a melt-in-your-mouth treat (literally and figuratively). 

Three Strikes, You’re Out! 

As America’s National Pastime, attending a baseball game is one of the best activities to attend in the summer! The Baltimore Orioles are hosting games all summer long for you to attend. Check out the July 8th game against the Angels, where you have the chance to receive an Orioles bucket hat. If you don’t manage to get one, you can still end the night with a bang by enjoying the fireworks over the stadium! 

Feeling hungry during the game? Head over to Stuggy’s for their unique hotdog selections! Try a Crab & Mac hotdog that is complete with lump crab and mac & cheese, or the Steph Curry hotdog with tomato curry, french fries, smoked gouda and cilantro. Wash down your hotdog of choice with Baltimore’s beer, Natty Boh.  

Take a Ride on the Water

What can be more relaxing in the summer than a ride on water with a nice breeze? With the Baltimore Water Taxi, you can cruise around the harbor and enjoy travel without the hassle of traffic. For an even more exciting experience, try the BYO Twilight Cruise, where you can enjoy a 1-hour cruise while traveling through Baltimore’s historic harbor. Bring your own food and drink for a scenic meal or as a fun break from bar hopping. Enjoy the sunset and the cool, summer weather on this unique ride. 

Watch a Film Outside 

Enjoy a movie in the great outdoors with the American Visionary Art Museum (AVAM), as they host Flicks from the Hill throughout July and provide free museum admission. Starting on July 7th, participate in a Wizard of Oz sing-along that will bring back out your inner child. The following week shows a classic for horror fanatics everywhere — The Birds, bringing black and white movies back to the screen. Followed by Disney’s Soul and Jurassic Park, your Thursdays in July will be full of buttery popcorn and edge-of-your-seat excitement at the AVAM. 

Clawsome Eats

As a major hub for the crab industry, these shellfish are a defining feature for Baltimore’s cuisine and economy. Pair a Maryland crab with some Old Bay Seasoning, and you have a tasty Baltimore staple. From soft shell crabs to steamed crabs to traditional Maryland crabcakes, this crab city has plenty of options for you to sink your teeth into. 

At Captain James in Fell’s Point, you can choose from a wide array of seafood options. Feast your eyes upon Captain’s Signature Crab Cake, a seasonal jumbo lump crab made with the restaurant’s famous blend, and served with rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables. You can also try other classic favorites such as the Mac & Cheese, but feel free to add extra crabmeat to your dish for a meal that will taste as good as it smells. 

Bar Under the Stars

Sip on a tasty beverage of choice as you watch the sunset at Sandlot, located at Harbor Point! With an outdoor kitchen and rec yard, you can feel like you are at the beach right in Baltimore. Try one of the Sandlot’s signature slushies, the Sunset Beach and the Harbor Breeze, to keep yourself cool while relaxing in the warm sun and enjoying some upbeat music. 

Overlooking the Inner Harbor, Ouzo Beach brings the aesthetic of the Mediterranean right to Baltimore. Try one of the many delicious cocktails, like Herculean Task, made with bsc shot tower gin, lemon, thyme, sumac and sesame.

Spend a Fun Summer in Baltimore

With so many exciting and entertaining events happening in Baltimore, your summer will be booked with activities. Whether you want to discover the craze for some flavored snowballs or simply want to spend time with friends or family, you can be guaranteed to find something that feels just right for you. 

Union Wharf wishes you a safe and fun summer, and we hope you are able to participate in the awesome events happening this season and beyond.