Celebrating Coffee in Charm City

September 26, 2022 | Food
Celebrating Coffee in Charm City

What’s brewing, Union Wharf residents?

Espresso Yourself Next Week

National Coffee Day is swiftly approaching on September 29th! Supposedly, the first cup of coffee came to brew in 15th-century Yemen. The drink, however, was not readily accepted by the public. Many believed the warm beverage was the “bitter invention of the Devil.”

One century later—and the incident of the Boston Tea Party—coffee and coffeehouses have become quite popular. 

If you’re crazy for coffee, then celebrate by supporting your local Baltimore coffee shops for your morning cup of Joe.  

Have a Brewtiful Day in Fell’s Point

Union Wharf is just around the corner from these Fells Point cafés, so get out there and sip local!

Daily Grind

Daily Grind is long-time Fells Point spot specializing in everything espresso. Have a sweet tooth? Daily Grind offers delicious Ferrero Rocher and Black & White lattes. If you’re a caffeine lover, they will put up to 5 shots of espresso in a medium coffee or mocha. Beyond their coffee, it’s the perfect spot to relax, catch up with friends, or do work. Daily Grind also sells tasty baked goods and fresh beans varying in notes and flavors.

Pitango Bakery & Café

Pitango Bakery & Café is well-known for its caffeinated beverages and baked goods. Stop by for a mouth-watering espresso or affogato. Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to shop local and eat sweets or fresh, buttery croissants. 

Where Have You Bean?

These coffeehouses with various locations are made espresso-ly for you.

Ceremony Coffee Roasters

Ceremony Coffee Roasters in Harbor Point specializes in grounds and beans, whether single origin, blended, espresso, or decaf. Start your day with a hot cup from their collection, or grab a bag to brew at home.

Vagrant Coffee

Located in Station North and Inner Harbor, Vagrant Coffee is known for its fragrant and wholly blended beans with smoky, sweet, fruity, and chocolatey options.

Staying Caffeinated in Canton

Café Dear Leon

Café Dear Leon is sending you a whole latte love from their cute, quaint coffee shop. Besides their cute decor, their rotating breakfast and pastry menu is divine. Pair a tasty treat with an espresso, macchiato, americano, or cortado. 

OneDo Coffee Roasters

OneDo Coffee Roasters is a chill spot known for its rich blends. Stop by for peace and tranquility, along with cute latte art. They also sell their own beans which they will happily grind for you upon request.

Federal Hill Brews

Order & Chaos Coffee

Order & Chaos retails various coffee options for all coffee lovers and drinkers, including drip coffee, bulletproof coffee, lattes, mochas, macchiatos, and espresso. And, you can’t get their specialty beverages anywhere else. For something sweet and spicy, try their infamous cinnamon bun latte. Order the blueberry lavender cold brew or turmeric latte for a refreshing burst of energy that will last throughout the day. 

Just Brew It in Hampden

Artifact Coffee

Artifact Coffee is a cute coffee spot. Inside a reclaimed factory, Artifact’s earthy and bohemian decor brings tranquility to your brews. They have various locally-sourced coffee options, a brew bar, and an espresso bar. To customize your cup add a pump or two of wildflower honey, caramel, cardamom, mocha, maple, or mint syrup. 

Café Los Suenos

Originally from El Salvador, Carlos from Café Los Suenos grew up working with coffee beans straight from the field. His love and passion for quality grew as years passed. Now, he handcrafts blends in small batches; no batch will be the same. Sample some of his infamous blends and their fragrant flavors. 

Espresso Your Love In Pigtown

Zeke’s Pigtown

Zeke’s is well-known for its blends, roasts, and sustainable options.Their iced caramel macchiato is a best-seller, along with their bagels!

Mt. Vernon is Steaming Hot


Dooby’s is a cool, Korean-inspired café serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner with indoor and outdoor seating. They’re known for their iced lattes and cold brews. If you are interested in adding sweetness to your coffee, try their brown sugar blueberry, maple browned-butter caramel, miso caramel, vanilla lavender, or honey syrups.

Baby’s on Fire

Baby’s on Fire is the perfect spot to relax outside. They have an extensive coffee selection, including brews, espresso, and various milk options. We definitely recommend their oatchata cold brew—it’s homemade deliciousness! 

Happy Sipping

Start your day off right and support your local Baltimore coffee shops this September 29th and beyond.