Match Day 2024: You’ve Been Matched to a Baltimore Hospital

The journey to become a medical doctor is one of the toughest but most rewarding journeys a person can experience. Match Day is a critical point in that journey. On March 15, students are paired with a hospital at which they will complete their residency. It is during residency students...


Match with Union Wharf this Match Day

Waiting patiently, expectantly, and nervously, medical students across the United States are counting down the days until Friday, March 19th. Match Day is the final moment of a medical students’ career: the moment students find which hospital they will be starting their career as a physician. The celebrations begin at...


Match Day with Union Wharf

March 20th is Match Day! What is Match Day exactly? Match Day is when the National Matching Program notifies medical school students where they will be completing their residency or fellowship programs. So, why does it matter? Well, it’s quite the stressful period, since residents and fellows may be quickly...


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