Hot Tips to Stay Cool in Maryland

Summer heat is not shy this year and we’re getting mighty close to seeing three digits on the thermometer. As the Maryland dog days roll on, don’t forget about all of the natural watering holes our great state has to offer. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of places to seek...


End of the Summer Events at Union Wharf, Just for You

If you want to meet your neighbors, learn more about our community, or find out more about how much we appreciate you as a part of our home, look no further! Here at Union Wharf, we appreciate every resident that calls our apartments home. We love celebrating the diversity of...


Get Ready for Summer Pool Days at Union wharf

Love putting your feet up by the pool? How about putting your feet up by a zero-edge infinity pool with water cascading down over granite stones? That’s right, opening on Memorial Day weekend is Union Warf’s beautiful outdoor pool. Throw out the gym membership you were keeping for the pool,...


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