It’s Time for Spring Cleaning in Baltimore

Union Wharf residents, let’s attack spring cleaning with some gusto! Originally necessary while indoor fires and closed windows kept homes warm during the winter, spring cleaning is still applicable today. By finding lost items, increasing productivity, being happy and healthy, and purging, spring cleaning benefits not only your home, but...


Spring into the Season in Baltimore

Baltimore is always blooming with good vibes, but especially with the start of the Spring season. The start of Spring is officially called the Spring Equinox, which takes place on Sunday, March 20th. When the Sun crosses through the Equator line, the Northern Hemisphere, along with our very own Baltimore,...


National Walk in the Park Day: Explore Parks Near Union Wharf

  Now that it’s springtime, getting outdoors really is a breath of fresh air. March 30th is National Walk in the Park day, so what better occasion to explore some of Baltimore’s best parks! After a long day of working, spending time outside is a great way to recharge and...


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